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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Tyler Roberts who was born in United States on January 30, 1987 and passed away on July 16, 2006 at the age of 19. We will remember him forever. 

Tyler graduated South Laurel High school in 2005 and the American Institute of Baking as a bakery maintenance engineer on November 4, 2005.  

Tyler made friends easily and kept his best friends; Tyler B, Brett, Justin, Jarrett and Eric plus so many more than i can possibly name throughout his life.  Tyler had so many friends that i can't possibly name all of them but he was loved by so many people.

Tyler loved to hunt and go four-wheeling.  He shot a traditional bow and placed first in many competitions.  He killed numerous animals with a bow and in the woods hunting was where he felt at home.  He loved trucks and customizing them with lift kits, big tires, awesome stereo systems and loud exhaust pipes!  

Tyler always was all about thrill seeking and when a number of his friends purchased motorcycles also known as "crotch rockets" he had to have one as well.  Tyler lost control of his bike less than 2 miles from his house and died on a hot July Sunday that will never be forgotten.  

Tyler left behind two brothers and a sister. Josh is only 13 months younger than Tyler, Amber is 17 and Jeremy is 11.  It was if Josh lost the other half of himself and Amber felt her protector of all things bad was taken from her.  Jeremy grieves but it's harder to put in words since he is so much younger but I know he thinks about him and misses him everyday because he tells me so.

From the time Tyler was born there was always a light in his big black eyes that shown from within.  He was special and not just because he is my son.  His father lost a son and his best friend and I lost my first born child.

I treasure every memory I have of the 19 years I got to spend with him and try to never forget that I will see him again someday.
Tributes and Condolences
Christmas Story   / Billie Jean Roberts (Mom)
It's not just that it's Christmas that we miss him.  When family gathers for anything its more obvious that Tyler isn't there.  Our family has so many awesome Christmas memories that we were blessed with that i can't even count the blessing...  Continue >>
Think of you every day   / Whitney Webb -brennan (Friend)
Theres not a day that goes by that something happens that reminds me of you. Whether its a big dodge or looking at pictures of Amber's beautiful children. How different and better life would be if you were still with us. Every time I hear the song "t...  Continue >>
the best   / Jeremy (brother)
you were the best brother any one could ask for
still in our hearts   / Dad (father)
Tyler you are always with me i can not get through a day without pausing a few times wishing i could hold you or tell you something or tell you how proud i am of your mom , Josh, Amber, Jeremy and Tybell. The days get long and i need you sometimes an...  Continue >>
Missing You Still   / Billie Jean (MOM)
There are times i still look out the window and watch for you coming down the hill, Im not crazy or senile, just a mom who misses her son still. When the sky is clear i look through the stars and search for your face, Im not crazy or senile, just ...  Continue >>
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This Ones For You Tybo  / Billie Jean Roberts (Mom)    Read >>
To All Parents By Edgar Guest  / Mom (MOM)    Read >>
Your 21st Birthday  / Mom (Always Mom )    Read >>
KTBA 2nd Annual Tyler Roberts Memorial Shoot  / Mom (Mother)    Read >>
HELP ME BUBBY  / Your Baby Sis And Bella (love you )    Read >>
Cloverdale Nationals 2007  / Billie Roberts (Mom)    Read >>
The Trees Are Green and The Sun Is Hot  / Billie Jean Roberts (Mom)    Read >>
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )    Read >>
My graduation without you..  / Baby Sis (SISTER)    Read >>
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